Plasma-Arc Metal Cutting

Plasma-Arc Metal Cutting in the city of Kharkov

Alfa-Megalit, Ltd. is ready to offer its clients Plasma-Arc Metal Cutting services in Kharkov with strict quality control over metal working and high speed of orders execution.

Plasma-Arc Metal Cutting Features and Advantages

In contrast to other types of metal working, Plasma-Arc Metal Cutting applies generated a jet of heated plasma as a cutting tool. Both reactive and inactive gases are used to generate the plasma jet depending on the type of metal (nonferrous or ferrous) to be treated. When Plasma-Arc Metal Cutting, the gas under several atmospheres pressure is fed into the nozzle of apparatus, and by means of the electric arc is turned into a jet of plasma. The plasma speed is within the scope of 500 to 1500 m/sec with operating temperature of 5 to 30 thousand degrees, which allows metal of up to 50 mm thick Plasma Arc Cutting.

Major advantages of Plasma-Arc Cutting in metal working are quite extensive and allow to bypass Oxygen, Hydroabrasive and even Laser methods of metal working in many parameters. The Advantages include:

– Cutting speed — with Plasma-Arc Metal Cutting, the cutting speed is significantly higher than with other similar methods;

– Absence of the restrictions in geometric forms cutting — it allows performance of complex, even art works on the necessary for customer parameters;

– Safety during operations; combustion open flame gases are not applied in Plasma Cutting;

– Elimination of workpiece thermal deformation, this is because with Plasma Cutting thermal effect on the workpiece width is just 2 mm;

– With Plasma-Arc Cutting, high quality and the cut surface finish is achieved, since a minimal amount of scale is formed, which is easily removed.

Order the Plasma Metal Cutting

Due to its efficiency, the price of Plasma Metal Cutting is considered to be one of the most competitive among the other metal working options. To specify all the details of Plasma Cutting and order the service, please contact us on tel. +38 (063) 950-69-91 and our specialists will be pleased to advise you on any issues and calculate exact terms and price of your order.