Gas-Oxygen Metal Cutting

Gas-Oxygen Metal Cutting is a traditional metal cutting technology, which is one of the most important processes in the modern metal-working industry. Gas-Oxygen Metal Cutting is one of the main thermal metal cutting methods, as this type of cutting is the most economical steels cutting process, especially when metal treatment is required directly for welding.

Gas-Oxygen Metal Cutting process is performed by heating the metal with oxygen until its inflaming temperature, and at the same time, the molten metal is removed from the cutting zone by a stream of oxygen. By doing so, it is critical to observe basic limitations, that is the treated metal inflaming temperature should be lower than its melting temperature, as well as the molten metal should be of good plasticity and in addition, the metal should be of low thermal conductivity.

Gas-Oxygen Metal Cutting services in Alfa-Megalit, Ltd.

Alfa-Megalit, Ltd. uses close control and economical equipment. As a result, gas metal cutting has its set of the following advantages for our customers:

– low metal cutting price;

– high-quality metal cut;

– minimum heading width compared with operating oxygen jet;

– there is no need for additional metal edging;

– the capability of treating metal sheets of considerable thickness and width.

Gas Cutting is ideal for low-carbon steel which carbon content does not exceed 0.3% cutting. At the same time, if high-alloy Metals Cutting is required, we recommend to use Plasma-Arc Cutting.

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